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Economic Terroism

Written in Australia


Economic Terrorism


Beau Ives


In the early fifties, when I was a boy of ten, a new family moved in across the street from my home. They too, like my family had four children. Two boys and two girls. I had three brothers. One older and two younger. Everyone, including our parents were about the same age. We all became good friends.

Our parents would go to parties together. Everyone drank back then. It was the glory years after the war and upward mobility seemed to demand alcohol consumption. My mother liked the father of the other family and my father liked the mother of the other family. There was a lot of social interaction between them. Weekends here and there, sailing at the boat club, afternoon drinks. Secret meetings I’m sure. Though my mother was a Catholic and I feel rather certain she never had relation with the father of the other family though I’m sure she definitely wanted to and so the level of guilt was extreme. She was another suffering Catholic.

My father was not Catholic nor any other professed faith. He would tell us that we didn’t have to go to church to pray to God. All we needed to do was go and sit on the fence and pray. No need for a church building. I wish he would have shown me what a prayer sounded like, but he didn’t. I think that generation, that was originally from the country and had roots in the earth, knew certain important ideas to pass on, though they were caught between the worlds of the earth based knowledge and the new mass hypnotic movement towards this economic abundance being promised and which they couldn’t miss out on. So the information for generational continuance was not passed on. Just bits and pieces were passed.

My father had been married three times before he married my mother. Now this may seem extreme, but for us in the sixties generation we have been with many different people and it was just so back then in our parents time that they got married. I could have easily been married forty times. How about you? My father was 50 when I was born. My mother 33. I was born in 1944.

Now the name of the father of the other family was Bower. He was a pilot in the war called WWII, flying the bomber called the B-25. He had to sip hot drinks off to one side of his mouth because of the concussions he suffered from the explosions of the anti-aircraft artillery shells. He was a gentle and kind man. He taught me how to ride a horse and we’d spend hours and hours with me going around in a circle and he’d give patient and kind instruction to me. I love horses today and I’m a great rider. He was going to teach me how too fly a plane at age 12. We never did that. He shot himself in his head before that. Suicide. No one talked about it.

His wife, a couple of years before his death gave birth to a little girl. She looked just like me and like my father. No one talked about it though. Life just went on. The wife also had a serious drinking problem,

My father, way before these events of such great sorrow, told me this story about Bower. My father became quite serious at the beginning of the conversation and said that Bower had squandered over a quarter-million dollars of his wife’s money on failed business ventures. “He’s a terrible business man. He’s a failure”, my father told me.

I didn’t know him as that, as a failure. I knew him as a friend. A man who had time for me.

In 1958 it happened. And the end for this gentle man came in a smelly basement office of a black jazz joint Bower had bought in the run-down section of one of the so-called great cities of the industrial revolution, Toledo, Ohio. An ugly used up city in the ‘rust-belt’ of the midwest. Our family moved soon after that, just to the other end of the street, to the West end of Front street. Away from the family and the mother of the family without a father.

My family was not happy. We boys fought all the time and today a wise teacher would notice the signs of children living with alcohol and dysfunction and would intervene for the children. Back then it was the alcoholic who got the attention. Many times I had to break up physical fights between my parents; fights which happened in front of my friends and I would implore them, my friends, not to tell anyone. I was so ashamed.

My mother tried to divorce my father a couple of times and I think her Catholic mother would intervene and do some guilt and fire and brim stone story on her and my mother would back down and lose face and drink even heavier. She was going though menopause too but back then they called women hysterical. She was of course.

My father was a top executive for a large glass company. He was national general manager and was responsible for the introduction of the double paned windows now know as thermopane. His goal was to be a vice-president in this company, but it was family owned and secretive and his striving was never fulfilled.

He retired at 65, got his gold watch then went immediately to work for another glass company where he felt he was sure to become vice-president, but he quickly had a stroke and had to retire. He had told me on occasion that “One of these days I will marry a wealthy women and go live in Florida and fish and play golf.” He did. He did just that. He married the woman who had the child that looked like me and who had moved directly across the street from us on the West end of Front street and where my father could be found working in the garden of the wife of the man who committed suicide and my mother was insane with this with the anger and shame and guilt and more drinking and finally my father divorced my mother.

He hired a criminal lawyer who took my mother’s small time lawyer for a ride and we had to sell the family house as part of the divorce agreement and my father moved to Florida with his new wife and family and my brothers and I would visit him on Spring breaks, drink a lot and go water skiing on the lake behind his house. Then return to the dismal gray skies of Northern Ohio and try to make a life of it.

I was to be the executer of his estate when he died. He thought I was the competent one of the four boys. I proved him wrong by drinking too much one Spring break and his new wife convinced him to change the will and he did, leaving everything to her on the condition that she pay for our education. She never did pay for anything. He died one night from a heart attack.

The story surrounding his death, as related by her children to us boys was that she screwed him to death. Maybe so. He had changed the will just two weeks prior to his death. It was all rather convenient.

So his new wife got all the money, we had to sell our house and give her some and we were on our own. As I said no money came our way and the last wife drank heavily again, spent all the money then married an Italian man who thought she had money and she though he had money and when he found out she didn't have any he shot himself. Then she died.

Years later one of their sons changed his name to Bower, in honor of his father. Many years later my brother Tom found the girl who was born looking like me and my father and discovered she had just come out of a 15 yr. bad marriage. Same with the others. Same with us boys.

And what was it all about? Money.

This is story about economic trauma. I‘ve called it terrorism because I believe that’s really what it is. We’ve all been terrorized by this system. I’ve always said, “It’s not the people, it’s the system”. Most all people will have their own sad story caused by our system of economics; divorce, infidelity, abuse, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse. I’m not alone. And it’s all severely traumatizing.

There’s another 6 billion plus stories about trauma from economic terrorism. It’s called capitalism by some. Free market by others and Fair Trade and survival of the fittest and the Right of Manifest Destiny (another name for thievery), competition, and whole cultures have been and are being destroyed by this system; the Native Americans, Australian Aboriginal, the Native Africans and the Amazonian Indians and the list is endless because it includes nearly every living being on this earth: Gods, Goddesses and misfits.

The Hopi Indians of North Eastern Arizona, are clear about cultures that have robbed the native peoples of this earth. They say that the foundation of a country that is based on theft, no matter how that theft is defined, be it Manifest Destiny or The Right of Conquest, is doomed to failure because of this moral wrong upon which the country was created. For the Hopi of Arizona, the way out of this abusive relationship is to understand the concept of Right Title ship to Land.

According to Hopi mythology, upon their emergence unto this the Fourth World, after the destruction of the Third World, they were asked by their creator god to go in all the directions as far as they were able, and perform sacred ceremonies given them by this creator god to claim this land as sacred and to keep the Earth in balance. The performing of these sacred ceremonies then ‘gave’ them the right to be on this Earth for they had proved themselves to be worthy of living on this Earth. This they have done to the present day.

When man does whatever he wants to the Earth with no regard for the sacred, this demonstrates the moral wrong that has been carried forward in the psyche of man and is an indicator of the eventual destruction of mankind on Earth. The essential understanding is and I paraphrase Grandfather Martin (the last traditional elder of the Hopi), “Unless mankind understands the sacred relationship he has to the Earth and honors the responsibilities given him to keep the Earth in balance, and the relationship he has to the great powers responsible for Life in the universe, then all is lost”.

When I wrote this I was in Australia, and I had left America for a variety of reasons. One was; I do not wish to experience the coming violent implosion America has set itself up to experience. Fifty years of failed foreign policy called theft, murder, rape and plunder is about to reap its’ just reward and it’s only outcome. My question now; will I experience a similar event happening here in Australia? For wasn’t Australia formed on the same moral wrong as America? Here it was termed Terra Nulius rather then Manifest Destiny but it’s the same foundation. Tierra Nulius means: “There’s no one here.” And if they did find someone they pushed them off cliffs or forced them into the barren places.

The economic system is terror based for it has failure built into it: bankruptcy; poverty; shame; humiliation; guilt; war and death.

Soon, the people trying to make it within this system will stop, then it will change. Until then, it is a system of terror people have been threatened with, and bought into.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sexual Abuse of Men and War


The secret ways in which men are sexually abused, and the terrible outcome.

The concentration of sexual abuse has been, rightly so, focused on the female. For example: over 75% of the Hispanic women in New Mexico, have been sexually abused by their fathers or a close friend of their fathers. There are endless statistics such as this relating to the woman, now it’s time to focus on the male.

Most all men have been sexually abused. Is this startling? It should be. It isn’t spoken of to a wide audience, because it’s different then the abuse towards woman and so isn’t known about, nor seen.

Here’s how the abuse towards men begins and continues. The following does not take into consideration circumcision.

From the earliest age of life, men are submitted to abuse; first, in the lavatory of their school on the first day of the first year, and during the following years of schooling. When a man-child is taken into the boy’s bathroom at school for the first time, what he finds is incredibly foreign to him. The stalls where he sits to relieve himself, are without doors and he is in full view. The urinals are also without partitions and again he is forced to relieve himself in full view. This is a serious departure from home, where one would assume he has some privacy and is taught privacy and modesty by his parents.

Compare this to the girl’s bathroom where each stall has a door and she has her privacy.

The parochial school I went to, went even further to remove any privacy. The nuns would secretly, to avoid detection by the other nuns, follow the boys into the boy’s bathroom and watch the boys at the urinals and in the toilet booths. It was obvious, from an early age, that this mental interference from these women was sexually abusive. It just didn’t feel right to me, and I assume to the other boys.

When the boy-child entered high school, a similar, yet even more disturbing situation awaited him: total nudity by having to shower together with all these new people. Again, with no doors on the toilet stalls and no partitions on the urinals.

This experience again differed from the girl’s bath, where each girl had her own private showering stall if she choose, and private toilet.

This, without privacy situation with the boy-child, created constant embarrassment, harassment, and shaming, via other boy-children within the confines of the boy’s area. Insults directed towards the small size of the genitals or lack of hair on the genital area were commonplace, as were the rude and demeaning comments given by the alpha-boys towards whoever was present for the attacks.

The impossibility of avoiding these situations was created by the lack of privacy, and this situation continued for years, without letup. This constant invasion of privacy and shaming forced the boy-child, if he could, to join the demeaning nature of the alpha-boys, and find his own retorts towards those more vulnerable--thus heightening and extending the shaming and intimidation. All too commonly though, the boy-child became numbed out to the whole situation and accepted it has normal, thereby entering into the never-never land of being compartmentalized, which is the set up for control by an outside force.

This compartmentalization is basically an act of denial in order to stay alive. It is called the “frozen place,” and the “numb place,” described by Peter Levine in his work, “Waking The Tiger.” ( We know about the fight or flight of the reptilian mind, but the frozen place is the place we don’t know about, and it is that place which keeps the human in trauma and fear, and therefore more easily controlled by the pathological personalities who have made it to the so-called ‘top.’

This locker room mentality continued for twelve years and during this period the boy-child was subjected to the academic sports world with the controlling coaches and the newly discovered idea of destruction of the other men-boys on the ‘field of honor,’ the arenas for sports, where the idea of giving harm to others is officially condoned and first encountered. Every boy-child is taught to fight the so-called enemy, the rivals, and all other schools are seen as the enemy. The general, the coach, is the supreme commander, and all orders are to be carried out without discussion. The ultimate condition for control is now, forcefully, introduced into the psyche.

The education of the human via a pathological personality which instructs one to harm the other as the way to gain importance, is one step the human encounters on it’s way to becoming, in the words of pulitzer price winner Richard Rhodes, in his work “Why They Kill,” the “dangerous violent criminal.”

Dight D. Eisenhower, said that the only reason for organized scholastic sports was to prepare our young people for war. This includes the pom-pom girls leading the chants for victory, while offering their virginal bodies to the super hero.

When that indoctrination was completed, the boy-child was loaded onto a school bus for the ride to the military facility to be examined to see if he was fit to go to war.

In this sterile environment, together with hundreds of other boy-children from other areas, the boy-child was forced to undress in front of these others for the examination. Again, an embarrassing and shaming situation that added to the compartmentalization of personal denial which had been introduced earlier. The final climax, the final insult, was having to bend over and spread his butt so some man unknown to him, could come up and peer into his butt-hole, thereby naming the boy-child ‘fit-for-duty.’

This incredible humiliation put upon the boy-child, was just the prelude, for the final shaming and humiliation would occur when he entered boot-camp, if he had been so unlucky to have passed the physical, where his identity, what was left of it, would be striped away in the most precise of manner by the military, through insults, intimidations, threats, physical punishment, and ever new deprivations.

Thus, left with no identity, and sexually traumatized, the boy-child was programed on how to obey orders, without question, given by a so-called authority figure. This programing was consistent with that received from early childhood in the so-called educational systems via so-called teachers and so-called coaches.

This ordeal then, was officially completed, and he was sent off to kill people he had never heard of nor met, for people he had never met and for reasons he, in his denied innocence, didn’t understand. The boy-child was made into the perfect robot for the continuance of the abuse perpetrated upon him by his society. Never did he question the orders given him, or if he did, the shame, humiliation, stripping of identity and loss of self, prevented him from understanding and acting upon his questioning.

The prize offered for the killing? A women. And, in fitting order, from this society, through the media of film, print, and societal norms, the woman he is offered is one to be hated and abused. This thought form is created by both the state and via religion; a double whammy. And what does the woman love according to this established order?: Domination and abuse.

The self-worth and the inability of knowing the true self, the loving self, is gone, and the now man-child, the roboticised-man, begins to abuse others, such as the woman. This is one reason rape is so

prevalent in war: the deep hatred of self, imprinted by society, for the continuance of society at all costs, demeans and harms everything it touches. This situation is a true evil. It is part of the endless cycle of passed on trans-generational trauma which has come down to us all.

The sneering man, hunching behind the parapet of a building in downtown Bagdad, firing his weapon at fleeing women and children and calling it, “This is just like a turkey shoot,” is the dangerous violent criminal set forth by the pathological society. There is no redemption for such as this. Once that act is committed, there is no going back and it will be acted out in varied ways in the years to come.

The idolization of the ‘death fights’ held in locked gages, is another example of the pathological sickness of this society, which glorifies harm to the other, with the prize?--the big-titted woman parading around the gage, and the adulation of other sexual perverts, which is similar to sports heros and their ‘fans.’ The fans who scratch their balls and watch baseball on TV. Who also, teach young men how to be men (abuse), and get paid for it (i.e. coaches).

Male rage against the feminine is the hidden cost of all this indoctrination, for the feminine was marginalized to the degree she was nowhere to be found to give comfort or support to the boy-child, nor to the man-child. This male rage is at it’s ultimate with the pressing of the red button and the detonation of the atomic bomb in the womb of the earth, the feminine. Male rage is that which rapes, murders, plunders, destroys and makes the sacred…..meaningless.

In the Australian Aboriginal societies, when the boy-child is circumcised in a scared ceremony, he immediately runs to his mother who is there waiting for him and she comforts him, and so, lets the boy-child know that he will always return to the mother, the earth, for his comfort, and she will always be there for him. In white society, there is nothing but misery and trauma, and laughing at the boy-child who dares be comforted by the feminine.

War is the greatest trauma producing event in the history of mankind. In the 6000 year history of man, there have been over 5000 wars. The original cause of this trauma is not for this paper, and it must be said, mankind is not this evil. No matter what we are told, it is not the fault of mankind, nor the individual man.

Nearly every man has been sexually abused in relative degrees in America. How this works in other countries, I can safely say, based on religion, societal imperatives, circumcision, and war trauma, it is similar and is an age-old worldwide epidemic, based on sexual and mental abuse of the male. There is no wondering, nor questioning necessary to ask the question, “Why do men abuse women.” It’s inherent within the mental illness of select societies.

Those who rise to the top of the military: the generals, the admirals, the colonels, and the military contractors, the corporate world destroying the feminine earth, the so-called elite sections of the military, the so-called intelligence community, the media, and into the high political positions continue this abuse, for they have been the most indoctrinated of all, through extreme mental abuse and sexually compromised via photographic and physical/sexual blackmail, so they were forced to have gotten with the program. They have been called, by one who knows them intimately, “Sexually abused, traumatized, adolescent perverts” ( The same case is also made for the private armies now killing for blood money, such as Blackwater.

Once I called it, “It’s not the people it’s the system.” Now I say, “It’s the people who are now the system.” We have become the system.

These sexual perverts are the people running this country and most all others. Once this is understood, then we, as knowing humans, have a chance of coming out of our sleep-walk: The sleep-walk of believing what we are told as truth. Nothing...nothing we are told by these violent perverts is true.

The trauma being perpetuated upon the peoples of Iraq, and Afghanistan, and soon to be many others, will further this sickness and guarantee the continuance of trauma for generations to come, in those countries and here in America.

One part of the answer lays in the awareness of what is happening to our young boy-children, and not allowing it to occur any longer. War, then, may end, forever.

This paper has not developed the trauma of circumcision. I can’t do that now. It’s too hurtful for me, even though I wasn’t circumcised, I can’t speak about this incredible harm done to man, other than to say, circumcision is condoned by the church, and when you add this to the mix you get war: Endless war.

addendum to "True purpose"

The pathological personality: Those who have no feelings, compassion, or caring for their fellow man. They hide behind the slogans of personal servitude, while continuing their personal agendas of greed and destruction. Six percent of the population are these, and they strive for power and domination. They are the world leaders in the governments, military, and corporations.
We are to know them and expose them on all levels: teachers/statesmen/cops/perverts/priests/nuns/those who work in armament factories/military leaders/bankers/girl friends/boy friends/parents/children and so on.

True Purpose of Economic Collapse

Monday, March 29, 2010

Davenport, CA.


In looking at the scene of the economic situation around the world and especially in the United States, I saw the underlying purpose of this economic ‘problem,’ which is, having more people available for war pervaders, i.e. soldiers.

In a stable economic condition, with near full-employment, the temptation to enlist and serve in the armed forces would be less then in these times of low employment, with further bleak outlook of employment for the future.

The economic order, the so-called elite, maintain these cycles in order to insure the full compliment of soldiers. They need the men and women in order to continue their personal agendas of control and domination they so enjoy playing out on the world stage. Without an adequate supply of available men and women, their plans are of no use.

Terrible economic conditions are man made and serve the only purpose of control, furthering the control of the major financial institutions in acquiring more and more of the small, and large, institutions.

All war, including the economic wars we see today, are all about greater control, a furthering of more power within the hands of fewer and fewer major players. Wars are nothing if not means to acquire more control, and a lessening of the world population.

The fact that more civilians, especially women and children, are killed in war is no mistake. The agenda made clear in the declaration by the neo-cons, and the other pathological personalities, to eliminate major portions of the world’s population, makes clear that war is basically meant to kill off breeding populations and thereby lessen human growth numbers. Economic distress makes this ever more easier to accomplish.

Financial bonuses for enlisting, for higher education purposes, for re-payment of incurred debt, and so on, is all a ploy to enlist lower economic classes as cannon fodder to be used as world dominators and to inflict terror upon the world at large. The time honored code of keeping the civilian masses in poverty serves this purpose of world domination. This is especially true in the those of color and the poor white. That so-called education only keeps those of the lower economic classes in true ignorance and servitude should be of common knowledge.

The continuance of propaganda of terror, serves the interest of the elite, as a means of instilling self-serving patriotism in the generally ignorant populace. Together with economic distress, this is the effective means of insuring the recruitment goals of the military, and the continued war of terror being inflicted upon the world by the pathological

personalties of this earth.